3 reasons you should start a blog as a freelance writer

When you think of freelancing, there’s a good chance the last thing you’re thinking about is content for your own blog. After all, you’ve got clients to chase.

Having a blog is a big part of marketing yourself as a freelancer in today’s world, however. If you’re on the fence about starting a blog, here are three good reasons to do it:


  • Hone your craft: Use your blog to improve your writing skills. When you write regularly, you can’t help but improve. 
  • It’s the easiest way to start a portfolio: When you apply for gigs, you’re often asked for links to samples. What if you don’t have clients yet? If you’ve got a blog, you’ve got samples. Write posts that focus on your niche, and you’ll have an instant place to showcase your expertise.
  • Attract clients: Believe it or not, clients can find you because of your blog. As you build your portfolio and write about subjects related to your niche, you’ll start to appear in search results and clients can find you. Just make sure it’s easy for potential clients to contact you by offering a prominent “Hire Me” page.


If you're hoping to find gigs, you can use our free resource on how to find paid writing gigs. It includes tips for getting work and a list of places where you can find freelance writing jobs.