The easiest way to raise your freelance rates

As you grow your client base and become more experienced, at some point you’ll want to raise your rates. This can be a tough conversation to have with current clients, so, if you want to put it off just a little bit longer, there’s an easier way to raise rates.

The simplest way to raise rates is to quote a higher rate for your next client. If you have several clients at one rate, quote your next client a rate that is a bit higher. Consider adding $25 to $50 to your last quote for your new client quote.

If the new client accepts, you’ve got a higher rate, and you can use that as the basis for your next few quotes. When you start feeling overwhelmed by work, raise your rate on new clients again, or drop some of your lower-paying clients.

What about raising rates on current clients?

Lay the groundwork ahead of time. Let clients know, when they start working with you, that you usually review rates after six to 12 months. You can also consider building in a 10% rate increase after a few months, and being upfront about that. 

When raising rates on current clients, start by expressing how much you enjoy working with the client and you hope that you can continue working together. Then bring up the rate increase as you’ve provided high-quality work and good service. 

In the end, the easiest way to keep increasing your rate is to get new clients to pay the price. However, at some point, you might have to raise rates on current clients, so being prepared ahead of time to give them a gradual heads up, rather than springing it on them suddenly, can smooth the way, especially if it’s a current client you want to keep.