Make more money by choosing a freelance writing niche

As a freelancer, there’s a temptation to accept All. The. Work. 

It seems counterintuitive, but you’re actually likely to make more money when you choose a niche, rather than being a generalist.

When you focus on a niche, you develop expertise in that area — and can charge more for your work. Specialization can be a great way to increase your rates. When choosing a niche, consider:

  • What you already know
  • Any credentials you have
  • Something you’re deeply interested in

You don’t need credentials to be successful in a niche, though. Miranda started out as a science writer and ended up swerving into finances, even though she didn’t know much about money at first. Today, she’s considered one of the foremost freelancers writing about money. Examine the market and figure out where you might fit.

Being a niche writer doesn’t mean that you ignore everything else. Consider a secondary niche. For example, Kat also writes about pets and pet care in addition to her primary niche of finances. Adding a secondary niche can provide a way for you to maintain some diversity in your offerings and revenue streams. 

That specialization, though, is the difference between making $0.15 per word — or less — on general interest topics and up to $0.75 per word — or more — writing as an expert on a topic.