6 things to include in your freelance writer bio

New clients usually ask for a bio they can include with your work. This is an amazing opportunity to showcase who you are — and potentially even find gigs as would-be clients see what you’ve done.

As you craft your freelance writer bio, here are six essential tips for making sure you portray yourself in the best light.

One-sentence summary of what you do

Start the bio short and sweet, with a succinct summary of what you do. Miranda’s bio usually leads with some version of, “Miranda Marquit has more than 15 years of experience as a freelance financial writer, specializing in content related to investing, small business, behavioral economics, and long-term financial planning.” Any potential client immediately knows what I’m good at and understands that I have a lot of experience.

Professional headshot

Find out what parameters are needed for a headshot, and then make sure you have something that looks professional. A good headshot portrays confidence and professionalism. Consider having a few taken, with different aspect ratios, including some on plain white backgrounds. That way you have some to choose from, based on the needs of the client.

Share your qualifications

Make sure that you let people know that you have education, experience, and other qualifications. Miranda has pointed out that she’s a nationally-recognized money expert and award-winning writer, as well as someone with an MBA. If you have bylines in prestigious publications, include that as well.

Use keywords

Don’t forget to include keywords. There’s a reason Miranda says “freelance financial writer.” By consistently connecting certain keywords with your name, whether it’s on an author page or in a social media profile, you’re more likely to come up in searches using those keywords.

Add a personal touch

If the client allows it, consider using some personal information in your bio. Personal details, like how much you like the outdoors, or how your freelance lifestyle allows you the flexibility to travel, can create a connection with others.

Call to action

Finally, your freelance writer bio should include a call to action. You can encourage them to read more of your writing. Or follow you on social media. Close out with a way that they can find you — and potentially contact you.

Bottom line

Consider writing two or three versions of your bio with different lengths so that you can fit various websites. With some stock bios, it’s much easier to tweak the information to match client expectations and requirements.

With a professional bio, combined with good writing on various websites, you have a better chance of landing more gigs in the future.