5 ideas for beating writer’s block

freelance writing tips Dec 13, 2021

We’ve all been there. Writer’s block is a real scourge for just about every writer at some point in time. As a freelance writer, though, it can be especially frustrating because, my goodness, deadlines.

If you ever suffer from writer’s block, there are some things you can do to get beyond it. Before you try any of this, though, a good rule of thumb is to plan your freelance writing schedule so that you’re working on assignments at least a couple of days before they’re due.

You might need time to work through the writer’s block and trying to force it half an hour from when you’re expected to turn in the assignment can be a problem.


  • Go for a walk: This is one of the top ideas for beating writer’s block. A little physical activity and fresh air can help you get out of your funk and energize you to move forward.
  • Write something else: Take a break from the current assignment and write something else. It doesn’t even have to be for work. Even writing a fun Tweet or spending a few minutes on a fun project can get you back into a writing mood.
  • Leave it for tomorrow: If you’ve built time into your schedule, you can just sleep on it. Work on other things for the rest of the day and tackle the offending item tomorrow.
  • Talk to someone: Get a little help from a friend. Kat has messaged Ben and Miranda for ideas when she’s stuck. A small brainstorming session can sometimes get you unstuck.
  • Power through: Miranda sometimes just reminds herself that she has bills to pay and then powers through. It’s not fun, but it can be effective. It also usually means revisiting to revise the next day, after it’s had time to sit.


In the end, a working writer can’t let writer’s block win. Find a method that works for you (or try more than one) and meet those deadlines.