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Miranda Marquit

After completing journalism school, Miranda decided that getting a "real job" wasn't the right move for her. Instead, she began freelancing online, writing mostly about science. After a while, she began writing about money and that has been her main focus for almost 15 years. Miranda has been able to support her family with freelance writing, and that's still true now that she's a single mom.

Kat Tretina

Working for a major pharmaceutical company in public relations, Kat was feeling burned out and exhausted. Looking for a change, she started freelance writing. Within a year, she was earning $4,000 per month in extra income through writing. After transitioning to full-time freelancing, Kat regularly earns over $20,000 per month. Kat focuses on clients in the personal finance and healthcare niches. 

Ben Luthi

After graduating from college, Ben was unemployed for six months. Desperate to find a way to make money, he started a blog writing about his favorite subject: personal finance. He gained his first freelance clients within a couple of months and, after working as a staff writer for a few years, started freelancing full-time in 2018. Ben earned six figures from freelancing for the first time that year and hasn’t looked back.